The Marketing Plan- What Is It

Some consider the marketing plan part of the business plan. It can be written together or separately but whichever way you do it make sure you update both regularly.  You should review both plans at least every five years and make changes according to how your business is growing.

Susan Ward from stated that a marketing plan outlines specific actions you intend to carry out to interest potential customers/clients in your product and or service and persuade them to buy the what you are offering.

There are six parts that should be included when writing your plan:

  1. Products or services and your unique selling proposition
  2. Pricing strategy
  3. Sales/distribution plan
  4. Advertising and promotions plan
  5. Target market
  6. Competitive analysis

This are parts are not the only parts that can be included but the most popular.

There are several sites that offer free templates:



Business In A Box offers document templates that are very helpful to a business owner.

Here are some books that can also help you write your marketing plan:

On Target: The Boom on Marketing Plans by Tim Berry & Doug Wilson

Preparing The Marketing Plan by David Parmerlee

The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit by Beth Goldstein